Closed Loop Metal Recovery & Recycling

Envigen is proud to offer state-of-the-art metal recovery, and recycling, utilising the largest plant operation of its type in Europe.


Are You Green With Envigen?

Our goal at Envigen is to recycle materials by utilising the most energy, and time-efficient processes possible.

We have invested in cutting-edge ELDAN recycling technology to allow us to reclaim, copper, aluminium, steel, and plastic from a range of sources.

Our central location in the heart of the West Midlands and our in-house logistics network allow us to service the whole of the UK and Europe.


What do we Recycle?

Copper Cable

(up to 200mm diameter)

Bright Copper Wire

Copper Buzz Bar

Copper Tanks

Copper Tube

Copper Radiators

Fridge Compressors

Electric Motors


What do we Supply?

Copper Granules

Envigen specialises in producing 99.9% high purity Copper Granules that are suitable for a range of commercial applications.

These include industries such as electronics, construction, plumbing, transportation, architecture, consumer products & more.

Aluminium Granules

We produce high purity Aluminium granules that are suitable for many industries including, aerospace, shipbuilding, heavy equipment, defence, civil engineering, paint and architecture.

Stainless Steel Granules

Recycling steel saves up to 74% of the energy needed to manufacture steel from raw materials.

Stainless steel is suitable for shipbuilding, civil engineering, power plants, the medical industry,  the chemical industry, bridges, offshore technology, storage tanks, the catering industry and more.

Shredded Plastic

Shredded plastic that is recovered from the recycling process is suitable for a range of manufacturing processes such as creating garden furniture, fence posts, panels and more.

Our recycling process ensures nil metal fragments remain in the shredded plastic, this makes the material safe for equestrian applications.

Plant Installation Time-Lapse


We Are Recruiting

Do you have what it takes to help move our business forward? We’re looking for skilled individuals to join our workforce who’d like to work in an exciting and fast-paced industry.


Green Credentials

We take sustainability seriously at Envigen. The whole ethos of our business revolves around recycling materials but it doesn’t stop there. We have invested heavily into renewable energy sources on-site, so much so that we plan to be putting energy back into the grid rather than consuming it.

LED Lighting

Our entire site has been fitted with economical LED lighting to significantly reduce our energy consumption and heat loss.

Solar Energy

Our solar goal is to be generating enough power to be putting energy back into the national grid.

Heat Capture

Heat created by the recycling process that would other wise be wasted, is captured and used to heat our premises.

Rain Water Harvesting

We collect and recycle all rainwater that falls on our site, it is then used for cleaning our fleet of vehicles and various other applications.

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